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SHiPABALL Refer a Friend Program - Make Money $ Work from Home

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Get your special code word today!
Then give it out to your friends, family, social media contacts etc.

Think of all your friends that will be looking this year for a different and unique Birthday gift or will need to buy a Get Well gift for a sick loved one. Our message balls are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Just tell your friends, family & social media about these fun and unique message balls on ShipaBall.com  give them the code so they can save 15% each time they order and you will be rewarded $5.00 for "each ball" they buy.

People that have your code word will simply enter it during checkout on ShipaBall.com to get 15% discount off their order and you will earn $5.00 for each ball ordered.

YES!! You will Earn $5.00 for each ball ordered with your special code.

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Plus... your friends and family will save 15% on each purchase using your code.


Don't worry we'll buy & stock all the balls... we'll handle all the hard work... like making the ball's special message, gift wrapping it and shipping it to the customer. We take all the cost, hard work and worry out of your hands.


Email us: ShipaBall@gmail.com for your personal code that you can give out to your family and friends. OR you can complete the checkout process on this page to request one.

NO Cost for you to receive your code word.

Please provide your email address so we can send you your personal code word.

You can even Post your code word on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Craigslist ads, flyers, Church groups & any Social  Media contacts.

Get paid direct deposit via Paypal or a Check mailed to your house - your choice.

Do you have a "code word" you would like to use?
Let us know what you'd like to use.


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Not to be used for volume purchases of 5 or more balls.

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