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FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions...


Questions?  We are here to help you.

Scroll down for common questions and answers.


     1. What do you call these large colorful balls with writing on them?

Greeting Balls, Gift Balls, or Message Balls (all means the same thing). 

Say it with BALLS !!  :-)


      2. How BiG are the Balls? & Can you describe them?

We ship them fully inflated and they are 8 - 10 inches tall or 26 - 28 inches in total diameter circumference.

Recommended for children ages 3 +. The balls have a smooth shiny glossy surface, they are a large soft pvc vinyl play ball that can be bounced, kicked or tossed around. But, please Do Not sit on the ball. They can be used in a swimming pool or at camp. But, if you want the ball message to look good for a really long time.... it's best to play with them indoors. 


      3. How do you Ship the Balls? (Shipping Information)

We put the shipping label in a water proof protective sleeve and then stick it to the outside of the ball on the outer wrapping. Then...

Shipped via the USPS 1st class mail at no charge. If you want Priority Mail you can choose that during checkout for only $5.00 per ball. Both options come with a Tracking number that will be emailed to you.

Please Note:

Shipping for USPS First Class can take 3-10 days.

                       USPS Priority Mail can take 2-5 days.

The Postal Service does not Guarantee a delivery time or date.

Please plan in advance... better to order early so we can get the ball out on time for you.  

From the USPS: Delivery Date is an estimate and not guaranteed and will vary depending on mail delivery disruptions and high volume holiday shipping times.


       4. What methods of payment do you take? 

We take all major Credit Cards and also PayPal. $$$


       5. Is your website secure? How about when ordering?

Yes, We are certified by McAfee. No Malware, No Phishing and we have a valid SSL certificate. Credit card orders are processed securely by a 3rd party called Stripe and we don't have any access to your credit card information. You will notice in your browser bar it will show Https: The "s" is for secure connection. 100% Secure ordering.


     6. How do you make the message on the ball look so good?

We use a special proprietary process to professionally machine print the main message. This process creates a permanent water proof message that will last 10 yrs. or more. Each printed ball is unique, no two balls are exactly the same. A special gift that can be played with and will be remembered for a long time. But, why are they all not exactly the same? Each ball's message may look slightly different due to font style, color, size, and placement of the message. Also the personal message you tell us to add on the ball will make each ball different & unique. 

We don't sell boring "cookie cutter" factory produced gifts. 


      7. How do you apply the handwritten messages / signature line areas?

We use 100% water proof permanent ink.  The handwritten messages are unique and give each ball a personal touch. We make it look like it came from you.

Don't send a boring old card or flowers... Have a Ball and ship one of ours!  SHiPABALL.com


     8. Do you put last names or addresses directly on the Ball?

No, for children's safety and less mess we put the shipping label on the outer removable gift wrapping.


     9. Why do you Gift Wrap each Ball?

The wrapping protects the ball, keeps your message a little more discreet and makes for a fun surprise when ripped opened.

No sticky stamps or unnecessary writing on the ball. Plus everyone says the wrapping with the fancy colorful curly ribbon makes it look really good.

Why send a naked ball through the mail?... When you can order one of ours, shipped fully dressed to impress!


    10. Why do you include a free Display Base with each Ball?

We found our customers really like having a base to hold the ball when it's not being played with. Works great if you send a ball to someone in an office, then it won't roll off their desk. Also comes in handy in a Hospital room on a table to display a Get Well ball. 

The Display Base is NOT permanently attached to the ball.  You can play with the ball anytime!


  11. Are there any Minimums or Set up fees?

No, we don't have any set up charges or hidden fees.

You can buy just one ball if you like.


  12. Can I choose a certain font type for the machine printed letters?

Yes, please let us know in the notes section or email us and we'll do our best to find the type of font you want. We do have hundreds of fonts in stock. Usually we pick the best one based on your message. We want the letters and the size of the letters to make your ball message look marvelous.


   13. Can I choose the color font I want for the machine printed message?

Yes, for the machine printed balls you have 3 color choices... Black, White, or Silver. Please choose a color when ordering.

(Handwritten messages only done in Black ink).


   14. Do I need to include the recipient's email or phone number?

No, we only need YOUR email (the buyer's email) so we can contact you with information about your order.... things like... any address or message problems, order receipt, and the tracking number.

Can I ship a Ball Anonymously?   Yes!

Most people don't want us to send an email to the person getting a ball because that might ruin the surprise. :-) That is why we only need your email and not theirs.

We only put what you want on the ball. Our address is on the shipping label in the "from" area. Nothing shows it's from you.

We don't rent, sell or abuse your email address. We don't like spam either. We may send you special coupon codes once and a while... for future gift ball purchases of course.


    15. Do you add anything else to the balls before gift wrapping?

 Yes, depending on the message... we add a few small cute sparkly stickers like; Stars, Butterfly's, Angels, Red Hearts and even a little yellow smiley face sticker. All at no extra cost!


    16. Can I pick the Color Ball I want to send? & What colors do you have?

Yes, Please choose a ball color when ordering.

*We have 7 colors to choose from:

Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink or Purple.

*Color availability is subject to change depending on our supplier. Certain times of the year peak demand for certain colors may force us to send the next best color. We would email you asking for a different choice, if no reply.... we pick a color that would be appropriate for your order. 95% of the time we have the color you want for your order.


    17. Can you help me with a ball saying? I'm not that creative.

Yes, tell us as much as you can about the event and the person it's going to. We will work with you and together we can come up with a great message.


     18. Can I order Multiple Balls with the same message? and is there a Discount?

Yes, we can do that for company promos, parties or events. Contact us with your needs and we will give you a break down of discounts available based on quantity.  We have done this for many people before.

50 balls or less... can have different messages, they don't have to be all the same.

Plan ahead and send us some of your business cards and we can include one with each ball that we ship to your clients. 

Realtors, Thank them with...(Have a BALL in your New Home!)

Sales people, Graduations, Grand Openings, Company Promotions, Summer camps  etc.

100 Balls or more... please fill out the form on the promo ball page for a price quote.

We can even put your company website and/or phone number on each ball. 

100 balls or more must have the same message. However, 2 sided printing is available.

Yes, Multi / Bulk - Purchase Discounts are available.


    19. Why do I have to fill out all those information fields when ordering?

Since this is a custom "made to order gift" we need certain information from you... that way we get it right the first time. 


Order details we need to ship a ball for you...

Ship To: Name  (add their full Name & Address during Checkout)

Your Personal Message

Signature line (who it's from)

Ball color choice

Message color choice

Final step: Review the information you provided and check the box if you approve.

Provide Your Email address during checkout.


    20. How long does it take to make a ball? 

We get to work on your order right away. 

Orders under 50 balls are shipped out from Florida within 1 - 2 working days after receipt of order.  (Unless you ask us to delay an order for a special date).

First Class takes about 2 - 8 business days through the mail. Weather conditions  & Holidays can cause delays in certain areas.

Shipping time depends on location.  

Priority Shipping option for $5.00 each ball is available during checkout. 

You can check the Tracking number that was emailed to you to follow it's progress. Please allow 24 - 48 hrs. for the USPS site to update.

If you want us to delay a shipment for a special date just let us know in the notes section or shoot us an email with your order number.

Most gift balls ship out the next business day after we get your order. (The Any Message custom balls may take an extra day).

Bulk / Multi Purchase volume ball orders (100+) will be discussed with you & delivery date determined before payment.  These will ship out from our USA factory.

13 boxes for each 100 balls ordered.  Fed Ex Ground


      21. At Checkout, is Customer shipping address to be mine or the recipient's? Unclear to me how you get the address of person I'm sending it to....?

Order > Shopping cart > Checkout > Process >

    • Step 1. Customer information: enter - (* your email *) then enter the recipient's address that the ball is shipping to.      
    • Step 2. Shipping method:  (confirm shipping address & pick 1st Class or Priority Shipping)
    • Step 3. Payment method: enter - (your payment information & your billing address)*
    • Step 4. Submit order for processing.

**Make sure in Step 1 - to enter YOUR eMail address NOT the recipient's eMail.**

*** Credit card info. must match up with the Billing address.***

PayPal payment is also available during checkout.


      22.  Do you include a receipt with the ball?

No, we do not include any invoice or receipt because most balls are given as a gift.  Only the person buying and paying for the ball gets an email receipt after checkout is complete.



We hope everyone will love these balls as much as we love making them.

If you have a question we have not answered... please drop us a line.

Email us: ShipaBall@gmail.com


** Remember to Check your email spam file or junk folder as our reply message may get "Bounced" in there. ** :-)


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