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We are a small family run business and all about having fun. 

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Since 2007 we have Shipped thousands of gift balls all over the country. These balls have brought us and so many other people smiles from C
oast to Coast. That is what makes it worth all the effort we put into each and every order. Plus, we really love our work. Hey! How can you not have fun playing with balls all day? :-)

Our customers come up with some of the greatest sayings to send their loved ones.

Thank you for all your orders!

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Proudly made in the USA.

Greeting/gift balls have been featured on TV shows like Shark Tank, The Today Show & Oprah.

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More About Us:

  • We are your typical average American family.
  • Owners Jon and Denise have been married since 1993.
  • We have two Daughters... Debbie & Tabitha 
  • Our family dog is a Yorkie mix and his name is Smokey.
  • We started SHiPABALL in 2007.
  • Located: Clearwater, Florida ~ since 1977.
  • Our business goal is to help people smile.... one ball at a time.
  • Email: ShipaBall@gmail.com
  • 1-877-835-2686
  • Facebook.com/shipaball
  • Twitter.com/shipaball

 ShipaBall family photo Christmas 2015

Photo: Jon, Denise, Smokey, Tabitha, Debbie


Note:  Due to frivolous lawsuits we have been advised by our attorney to post this disclaimer.

We do NOT manufacture the balls sold on this website, therefore we are not to be held liable for any mis-use by the consumer, including any damage done by the ball.

We are NOT responsible for over-inflated balls which could cause injury or property damage, whether physical, emotional or otherwise. 

Please use caution when inflating.

We have NEVER had a ball explode or pop. They can handle a great deal of pressure, however... improper use could cause damage/injury. Do NOT sit on, apply great pressure or poke balls with a sharp object.

These balls are safe and fun to play with when used correctly. Please use common sense.

Suggested for use by Children ages 3+
Adult supervision recommended.

Do NOT give the outer packing/gift bag to babies or children... it is a suffocation hazard!!

Thank you for reading.


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